Download Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha 12 Patch 4 RPM


The new update for Kingsoft Office Linux Alpha 12 is now released. This is the 4th patch version which includes many updates and bug fixes. RPM based Linux users can download this Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha 12 Patch 14 RPM file from the link we provided.

What’s new in this Alpha 12 Patch 4 :

  1. Update End User License Agreement for Kingsoft Office.
  2. Fixed the issue that menu item cannot be highlighted when selected.
  3. Fixed the slow response issue when installing Kingsoft Office in the new version of Ubuntu.
  4. Fixed the issue that border line cannot show after saving and reopening in DOC file format.
  5. Fixed the line color missing issue in some shapes while saving in DOCX file format.
  6. Fixed the rotation angle reading error of character in the text box in PPT format file.
  7. Fixed the issue that cannot drag the slide using mouse in Kingsoft Presentation.
  8. Fixed the issue that cannot set the pattern effect for narrow horizontal and narrow vertical in Shape Fill in Kingsoft Presentation.

Kingsoft Office for Linux Alpha 12 Patch 4 RPM


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