Download Mozilla Firefox 30 Beta 2 for Linux

The new Mozilla Firefox 30 Beta 2 is now available for testing. This new Firefox browser 30 Beta 2 comes with some interesting features beside many bug fixes. For Linux users, you can test this Firefox 30 on your distribution. You can download the Firefox 30 Beta 2 package from the link we provided below this post. 

Here are some new features found on Mozilla Firefox 30 Beta 2:

  • A set of new improvements to the Firefox user interface (learn more).
  • An interactive onboarding tour to guide users through new interface changes
  • A redesigned and improved customization mode
  • The ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account (learn more)
  • Gamepad API finalized and enabled (learn more)
  • Malay [ma] locale added
  • navigator plugins is no longer enumerable, for user privacy
  • Clicking on a W3C Web Notification will switch to the originating tab box-sizing’ (dropping the -moz- prefix) implemented (learn more)

Mozilla Firefox 30 Beta 2 for Linux


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