Download ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE 2014.1 R6

The new version of ROSA Desktop featuring Fresh KDE is now available. Please welcome the ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE 2014.1 R6. ROSA Desktop is a Mandriva based Linux distribution which featuring the new KDE Plasma desktop. ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE 2014 is a beautiful, easy to use Linux distro. Its available in DVD ISO for 32 bit and 64 bit computer. This new version of ROSA Desktop comes with the following updates:

  • Changes in the default applications list on KDE4 ISOs. Were included by default: GIMP, Audacity, Kdenlive, EasyTag, Filelight. Chromium browser was added as the second default browser, being FireFox the first. The GUI was added for the hw-probe, the ROSA hardware database client.
  • The default settings of the SimpleWelcome menu and the RocketBar were changed, some seldomly started from the menu applications were combined into groups. In the Live mode the ‘/home/live’ directory and some others are now mounted into tmpfs, since the tmpfs provides increased performance for file write operations and at lower cost. The amount of memory for storing the write operations is now optional (with only 512MB earlier) and can be set during the Live mode boot process, so the live sessions are now more vital and more prolonged than before the R6 release.

ROSA-Desktop_1You may run ROSA Desktop as Live DVD and you can try this distribution without having to install it. Or, you can also install this distribution directly to your computer if you want. I havent tried this version but I am planning to do so in the next few days. ROSA Desktop with its big name of Mandriva is worth to try. You may use this link to download ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE 2014.1 R6 ISO.


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