Elementary OS 0.3 Freya now hit Beta 1

The development version of Elementary OS Freya now hit Beta 1. Elementary OS Freya is an Ubuntu based Linux which comes with a simpler user interface, responsive and beautiful. Like the previous version of Elementary OS Luna, the new Freya also very customizable. You can modify the look of your Elementary OS Freya easily. This new Beta 1 comes with the following features:

  • Improved Hardware Support and Updated Libraries
  • Online Accounts Integration
  • Slingshot Search Improvements
  • Client-Side Decorations
  • Updated Theme
  • Granite Changes

For more information about Elementary OS Freya Beta 1, please visit this page: http://elementaryos.org/journal/freya-beta-1-available-for-developers-testers

To download Elementary OS Freya Beta 1 ISO, please use the following links:


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