Elementary OS 0.4.0 Loki is officially released

After waiting for so long, finally Elementary OS 0.4.0 is now released. Elementary OS 0.4.0 with code name Loki is a successor of Elementary OS Luna which was very popular among Linux users. I do love Elementary OS desktop since its very simple, intuitive and beautiful. Pantheon is the default Desktop Environment on Elementary OS. And now on Loki, Pantheon is updated to the new version with so many new features and updated apps on board.


Please visit this official page to read more about What’s new on Elementary OS Loki. http://blog.elementary.io/post/147637979911/loki-04-stable-release. Elementary OS 0.4 is available for 64 bit computer. You can download the ISO file of Elementary OS Loki from the link we provided below:


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