Elementary OS 0.4 Loki Screenshots Tour

Here it comes the new Distribution release of Elementary OS 0.4 with code name Loki. The new Elementary OS Loki comes with many interesting features, still brings beauty to your desktop. Here we have some screenshots of Elementary OS Loki we run on Virtualbox 5.1 on top of Windows 10. We are planning to test this distribution on a dedicated computer and we will update our Elementary OS section on this blog.

The Desktop

elementary os loki screenshot 1.png

All the previous simplicity destop is maintained and improved on this new Loki. Upper taskbar and bottom dock is the default.

Application Menu


Pantheon app menu still comfortable for daily use. Its pretty responsive even on Virtualbox with standard settings.

The Settings page

elementary os loki screenshot 3.png

You can access the Elementary OS settings from this SettingsĀ menu.

Software Center

elementary os loki screenshot 4.png

Get your software via Software Center.

We will posts more about Elementary OS Loki after we install it on our computer. See you…

elementary loki os screenshots.gif


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