Elementary OS Luna replace Pear OS 8 on my ThinkPad Edge E125

I was installed Pear OS 8 on my Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E125 laptop and it was pretty cool. But after the announcement of the discontinue of the Pear OS development, I have to rethink to replace my Pear OS 8 with another Linux distribution. After testing some other Linux, finally I choose Elementary OS Luna for my laptop. The idea to choose Elementary OS Luna is because this distribution is quite simple, fast and lightweight. It can run smoothly on my low powered laptop ThinkPad Edge E125.

The installation was run smoothly. All devices were recognized and run without having to install or messing around with code or commands to activate them. My camera, video graphic, sound are run pretty well. Now its time to decorate my Elementary OS with my favorite Numix theme and icons, install flash, java and some favorite applications.

Thank you to Elementary OS developer. Hope this distribution will continue to be developed and will not be sold to a company like Pear OS did. Cheers.



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