Fedora 21 Alpha is available for testing

Finally, the alpha release for Fedora 21 is out after delayed for some times. For Fedora fans, this new Fedora 21 is available in three different versions: Server, Workstation and Cloud. If you want to install Fedora on your PC as a Desktop then the Workstation is for you. So whats new on this Fedora 21? According on Phoronix, the most significant changes on this Fedora 21 is the new systemwide policy for cryptography handling. Its glad to have this kind of feature in Fedora 21.

fedora 21

Based on the official release note, the Fedora 21 comes with the following changes:

  • Available in three product versions: Server, Workstation and Cloud
  • Gnome 3.14 is included in the Workstation version
  • New DevAssistant tool for developer
  • Rolekit, Cockpit and OpenLMI is available on the Server edition
  • Read the full Release Note  and Accepted Changeset

I think Fedora 21 Alpha is worth to try. You can grab the ISO of this Fedora 21 Alpha from the link we provided below.

Download Fedora 21 Alpha ISO:

More screenshots and preliminary testing report for Fedora 21 will be available soon. Stay tuned on gamblisfx.com


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