Fedora 21 Alpha Screenshots Tour

I just installed the Fedora 21 Alpha on my laptop and feel amazed with the Fedora 21 performance. Here we have some nice screenshots of Fedora 21 Alpha. I hope the final release will use GNOME 3.14 by default. The main thing I feel when using Fedora 21 is almost everything run smoothly. On this screenshot, I already change the default Fedora 21 icon theme with Ieos7 icon theme. Its my favorite icon theme.

Fedora 21 Default desktop

A sleek and clean GNOME desktop with new wallpaper will be your default desktop when installing Fedora 21 Alpha.

fedora 21 desktopFedora 21 Application Menu

The application menu now run smoother compared to previous GNOME. I do love the simple animated menu on this section.

fedora 21 applicationsFedora 21 Window Manager

Still pretty much the same with previous Fedora 20.

fedora 21 window

Fedora 21 Alpha comes with GNOME version 3.13.91

fedora 21 with gnome 3.13.91

I dont know why the Software manager still show a blank page.

fedora 21 software manager



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