Fedora 22 Server Installation Tutorial with screenshots

The new Fedora 22 has been released. Here I want to show you step by step to install Fedora 22 Server edition. I install this Fedora 22 Server on Virtualbox. Installing Fedora 22 Server is pretty straight forward and easy to follow. With the new and updated installation wizard, Fedora 22 Server is for everyone. Even for a newbie.

First, make sure you have downloaded the Fedora 22 Server ISO. Check my previous post to see list of download links for Fedora 22. Next, boot your computer or virtual machine with the ISO.

On the first screen select Install Fedora 22 to start the installation directly

fedora 22 server install tutorial 1

Select the installation language. Press Continue to go to the next step.

fedora 22 server install tutorial 2On the next page, you will see the installation summary.

fedora 22 server install tutorial 3We need to configure items which has yellow mark (which means need your attention). Which in my case its the disk partitioning. Click on it to configure.

fedora 22 server install tutorial 4Here we can specify how the disk will be partitioned. I use automatic partitioning on this example. Click Done to accept the disk partitioning. Next, click Begin Installation. The installation will starting. While it installing, we need to configure several things such as root password and create a new user.

fedora 22 server install tutorial 5

Wait until the installation process completed. Reboot your computer when finished.

Finally, welcome to Fedora 22 Server edition

welcome to fedora 22 server


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