Fedora Tutorial-How to install Fedora 24 Server

Get ready for the next Fedora 24 release. Fedora 24 brings a lot of improvements, bug fixes and some new interesting features. Here, I will show you how to install Fedora 24 Server on a PC or Virtual Machine.


  • Fedora 24 Server ISO-Download it from here.

First, boot your computer or virtual machine with the ISO. On the first screen you will see the following screen.

fedora 24 server install 1

Highlight “Install Fedora 24” and press Enter to continue. On the next screen, select your installation language.

fedora 24 server install 2

Click Continue and you can see the installation summary.

fedora 24 server install 3

At this point, you will need to configure the installation destination. Click Installation Destination to configure the hard disk.

fedora 24 server install 4

Select the destination hard disk and press Done to get back to the summary page.

fedora 24 server install 5

Click Begin Installation to start the installation. While installing, you will need to create a new password for user root and also you can create additional user.

fedora 24 server install 6

fedora 24 server install 9

Next, wait until the installation completed.

fedora 24 server install 7

Once it finished, reboot your server.

fedora 24 server install 8Now enjoy the new Fedora 24 Server. Fedora 24 Server comes with a handy Cockpit web management console where you can manage the server from a web browser.

fedora 24 server install 10


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