Firefox 33.0 is now available, update firefox 33.0 on Elementary OS Luna

Currently, the new version of Mozilla Firefox 33.0 is now available in Ubuntu repository. For Elementary OS Luna users, you may update your Firefox to this version 33.0. Mozilla Firefox 33 brings a lot of improvements such as open H264 support (sandboxed) and for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS. Beside that, searching using Firefox now faster, better overall performance compared to any previous versions.

Mozilla with Firefox has made a rapid development process. With regular updates, quick response for any bugs has made this Firefox a popular, powerful web browser. For me, Firefox can only be compared with Google Chrome.

mozilla firefox 33

I am using Elementary OS Luna when writing this post. I can easily update to the new Firefox 33 with the following commands on Terminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox

In a minute, Elementary OS Luna will download the update and install the new Firefox 33 to replace my older version installed.


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