Fotojet, a complete online photo editor and collage maker and even more…

I mostly working with photos which I took using DSLR, pocket camera or simply use my screenshot tool to grab my screen display. And to do some basic editing, I have to install various applications to create different kind of design and its a bit frustrating some times. Today, internet is growing with so many services that make our daily life even easier. There are many online photo editor we can use to create beautiful design, collage and even some semi advance editing in less time.

Pixlr is one of the online editor that I mostly used and I am pretty satisfied with it. But there is another one similar to Pixlr that also pretty cool, even better on some features. Fotojet is another flash based online photo editor. This means, to use it we must have flash application installed on our computer. No matter you are running Windows or Linux, Fotojet will works perfectly. We can easily upload and edit our pictures in Fotojet, adding some nice effects, create collage, invitation design can be done within minutes. What does it cost? Its free to use but to get advanced features, you can subscribe at pretty affordable price.

Fotojet Features:

  • Super simple interface
  • Photo editing, Photo Design and Photo Collage mode
  • hoto effects such as lomo, chromatic, vintage, sepia and many more
  • Free for basic use
  • Simple drag and drop

Why Fotojet?

If you need a quick design with so many templates as options, Fotojet is for you. Fotojet will turn your photos into work of art with minimal efforts. For PLUS users, you can access to many premium templates, shapes, photo effects, overlays and clip art galleries. The available photo editing tools are also awesome and very easy to use. Want to make a unique Facebook cover? Fotojet has many templates for you. Or you may want to create an eye catching YouTube channel Art or thumbnail? Fotojet is ready for it. And there are much more I cannot mentioned one by one here. Go to and play with it.

How to create simple photo collage using Fotojet?

It is super easy to create your own photo collage. See the following example:

Photo editing in Fotojet


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