FreeNAS 10 Review and Screenshots Tour

FreeNAS 10 redefines the future of a server operating system. Its not only eliminates the complexity of the server OS installation but also brings a refreshing look to server administration eyes. Instead of keeping the dull interface, FreeNAS 10 comes with a brand new web interface. To try it your self, you can download FreeNAS installation ISO from this link.

freenas 10 screenshot 1.png

I tried to use old version of FreeNAS but it was too complex for me and then I choose Univention Corporate Server and ClearOS 7 for my server. But after the release of FreeNAS 10, I think I need to consider FreeNAS for my next project. FreeNAS 10 is so cool…

Easy to install

Most Linux distribution is now easy to install, but FreeNAS make it even easier. With only few steps, we can have FreeNAS 10 installed on our server. It can be installed on a virtual environment such as Proxmox. See how I install FreeNAS 10 on my Proxmox VE.

Modern Web Interface

All the settings in one place. Web management interface is all you need to manage FreeNAS server. Personally I do not need a beautiful interface for my server. But FreeNAS web dashboard is very attractive. The new design was awesome. Easy to navigate, modern, stable and responsive.


The web management console is very configurable with drag and drop support.

Better Storage Management

Manage multiple hard drives, multiple volume now made easier. Simply drag and drop new hard disk to create a new volume. There are 4 default profiles can be choose for the new volume. Virtualization, Media, Backup and Optimal are the storage profile.



Built in Docker and Virtual Machine Manager

I am not pretty sure if the previous version of FreeNAS 9.x has this virtualization features. But one sure thing is that FreeNAS 10 now supports Docker and Virtual Machines. This is a good feature and could be useful if we install FreeNAS 10 on a dedicated server with multi processors and huge amount of RAMs. We can get more benefits from our hardware with this virtualization features.


Network services

You can power up your network with variou services available on FreeNAS 10. AFP, SMB, WebDAV, NFS and iSCSI are the default available sharing services on FreeNAS.

freenas services.png

The only thing that I missed is the help file. It would be useful if on any section of the webUI there is a link to its help content.


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