Full system backup using Redo Backup & Recovery

Clonezilla is a powerful Linux distribution that will help you to perform full system backup. But there is also another Linux distribution that is much easier (but less features) compared to Clonezilla. Its Redo Backup and Recovery. Redo Backup and Recovery is good for end user because it comes with a very simple user interface. We can use mouse to click the button to backup, which not found on Clonezilla.

Redo Backup and Recovery can backup the whole disk and save it on another disk or even on the network. Your wireless card will also detected and can be used to backup over the WiFi network. Its awesome. Redo Backup and Recovery will copy all files including boot manager.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Its an extra ordinary backup solution which is available for free. To clone a disk, Redo Backup and Recovery is a smart solution for you. Grab it here for free.


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