Gdiskdump – powerful hard disk cloning tool

Do you know dd command? dd (disk dump) is a powerful non GUI command tool which help us to create backup for a partition or the whole disk including data, operating system and programs installed in it. But for a newbie, using dd command could be very dangerous since it will wipe the entire hard disk or partition content.

Instead of using the original dd command, there is a GUI application that utilize the power of dd command. This is the Gdiskdump. Gdiskdump is very simple application but it has the power to clone the whole disk or selected partition to another disk.


With only three steps Gdiskdump will completely clone your disk to another disk including the boot loader without having to type any commands. In Ubuntu, you can download and install Gdiskdump using these commands

sudo dpkg -i gdiskdump_0.8-1_all.deb

Done. You can now clone your Ubuntu system disk to another disk for backup purpose.

Note: This Gdiskdump version 0.8-1 can be installed and run properly on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr as well.


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