Get 15 GB cloud storage with 4Sync

Currently there are many company which offers a huge capacity of online storage. Dropbox, 4Sync, 4Shared are some of the online storage service which offers some gigabytes free space.


4Sync cloud service offers 15 gigabyte free space for each users. It’s a big space to store our files online and we can easily access the files from anywhere. 4Sync is available for the desktop operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as the mobile devices Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.

For 4Shared users, can use their account to log into the 4Sync application. From there you can start using the 4Sync service.

4Sync is a free service with 15GB that makes all the files at your computer streamlined and stored in one place, but accessible anywhere you want. This service synchronizes your photos, music, zips, videos, docs, etc. between all your devices. You just have to save the file in the 4Sync folder and then you’ll get immediate access to it from any device which has Internet connection. With 4Sync you share, transfer and back up files in a glimpse of an eye.

To download 4Sync application, please use the following links


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