Get Genymotion and run Android on Windows 8

Genymotion is an Android emulator which lets us to run Android on Windows 8. Genymotion requires VirtualBox to be installed on Windows. But don’t worry, Genymotion also provided a special installation package bundled with Virtualbox so you don’t have to install Virtualbox separately.

Download Genymotion for Windows

First, you must create new account on Genymotion. This account is required to download the installer and the Virtual devices. Its free. Create new Genymotion from here.


Once you create a new account, you must verify your account by clicking the link sent to your email address. Now you can login to Genymotion and download Genymotion.


Select the installer from the list. You can choose the one with VirtualBox if you don’t have VirtualBox installed on your Windows.

Install Genymotion on Windows 8

Next, double click the installer and start installing Genymotion. Once it finished, you will see Genymotion main window like the one below


In order to use Genymotion and run Android on it, we need to add Virtual Devices which will be downloaded from Genymotion website. Simply press Add and the Virtual Device wizard will be opened


Select the virtual device you like and press Next.


Press Next again and Genymotion will start downloading the selected Virtual Device. When finished, your new Virtual Device will be listed on Genymotion and you can start play with it.



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