GFI EndPoint Security 2013 – Powerful EndPoint Security Software for Enterprise

GFI is a well known endpoint security vendor. They have a great product called GFI Endpoint Security 2013, which provide a real time, complete security features for your computer. I am currently testing the new GFI EndPoint Security Full Version for 30 days which is free. If you want to try this software before you purchase, this review hopefully can help you to decide.


The proliferation of consumer devices such as for example smartphones, media players, portable storage devices (USB flas drive), network linked units and easily concealable USB sticks has increased the risk of info leakage, virus infection, launch of un-licensed software and games and other malicious activity on systems. Some enterprise already have full antivirus, firewalls, and email and web content security to protect against external threats. But few of them  understand how easy it really is for an employee to copy huge levels of confidential and sensitive data. This GFI Endpoint Security will improve the data security over copying by unauthorized person inside the company.

The Installation

GFI Endpoint Security is distributed via executable binary that supports Windows 10. You may request for the free 30 days trial from this link. This software installation is pretty straight forward and will ask you for login password.

Download Endpoint Security Free Trial 

GFI Endpoint Security Usage

Once installed, you will need to reboot your PC to get everything works. On the first run, the quick wizard window will open up and we can easily get into this software pretty quick.

The wizard will help you to create risk assessment to your computer in few steps. It can also be set to automatically install the agents to any discovered computers on the network. This feature will save your time because you don’t have to manually install on each computer on your network.

Then, this software will scan your computer and network for any risks that you may have. GFI Endpoint Security can display any possible risks and devices you have. Then you can take further actions to create protection policy on your computer.

gfi endpoint security

GFI Endpoint Security is a bit complex security software but if you spend some times to learn, you will get full control to your data. We can set which devices, users are allowed. Also, we can create file type filters so no one can copy the file out of the server or network.


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