GNOME 3.14 Officially released with many new features

The new GNOME 3.14 is now released. This is the most advanced GNOME version ever made. With so many new features, GNOME 3.14 could be the best Linux desktop environment nowadays together with KDE Plasma 5. GNOME 3.14 includes GTK+ Inspector feature which let users to examine the running GTK+ applications. New animations have been added to various sections, improved weather application also included by default. 

For Ubuntu users, you have to wait a bit longer since the next release of Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 still uses the GNOME 3.12. You can download the source package of GNOME 3.14 but you will have to compile it your self and I am pretty sure that most Linux end users hates that. Lets wait until GNOME 3.14 is available through distribution repositories. 

Watch the GNOME 3.14 in action below

Here are some screenshots of GNOME 3.14 grabbed from Softpedia website.

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