Got 10 pips on GBPUSD 6 March 2014

Hi, just want to update my trading journal using hidden divergence trade strategy. Today, 6 March 2014 I just got 10 pips on GBPUSD pair. Since last night, GBP was stronger than USD. Early this morning, the pullback or retracement was happened. With hidden divergence trading strategy, we can go Long after we sport a hidden divergence. Here is my result

buy gbpusd 6 march 2014

And this is why I open Long on GBPUSD

Here is my H1 GBPUSD chart look

buy gbpusd 6 march 2014-2

See the MACD is up but the Stochastic move down and hit the oversold area. I wait until the Super Signal arrow appear and I open Long trade. 10 pips target was reached within less than 1 hour.


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