Hard disk management on OpenMediaVault 3.0

OpenMediaVault is a complete, lightweight Linux server available for free. There are many features of OpenMediaVault you may use for your own server. On this post, I will show you how OpenMediaVault handles hard drives on your system. I am using OpenMediaVault version 3.0.

Hard drive management can be done via web administration console. Under the Storage section, you can find several tools to manage your storage. Physical Disk, SMART feature, RAID Management, and File System can be accessed from this menu.

disk management openmediavault.png

Fig. 1 Physical Disks

Any connected disk will be displayed on the Physical Disks section. You can then edit, or even wipe the disks from here.

change disk properties.png

Fig.2 Disk Properties

After made any changes, you will need to save the configuration to activate it. If you have more than one disks, you can also enable the RAID mode on OpenMediaVault. Its pretty easy to create RAID on OpenMediaVault server.

To Format a new disk, you can do the following steps. First, make sure the disk is connected and recognized by OpenMediaVault (Figure 1). Then, go to File Systems section under Storage.

create file system openmediavault.png

Fig.3 Create File System

Click Create and Create File System window will be opened. Select the correct Device, give a label and also select the file system.  Press OK when ready and wait until the process completed (Figure 4).

create file system openmediavault 1.png

Fig.4 Create file system successful message

That’s it. Now you should see your new disk is online and ready to use. Thank you for reading this openmediavault tutorial.

create file system openmediavault 3.png


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