HeidiSQL 9.4 – Free MySQL Server GUI Tool for Windows

We have just downloaded the latest version of HeidiSQL 9.4, a free application to manage several Database server such as MySQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. We want to write a short review of this HeidiSQL 9.4. We installed this software on Windows 10 Professional and it works pretty well so far. There are many database GUI manager available on the net. But most of them are commercial software and cost you some money. Many free MySQL Server GUI tool are lack of some important features such as export/import capabilities. HeidiSQL is different. You can find many useful features in this software that usually only can be found on paid software. 

HeidiSQL Features:

  • Supports MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL (Experimental)
  • Support SSL connection
  • Built in SQL Query tool
  • Nice GUI
  • Database export (to .sql file) and CSV import
  • Text search capability
  • User manager
  • Built in server maintenance

HeidiSQL User Interface

This software is pretty easy to use. The user interface is very comfortable to use. No confusing menu or steps. You can connect your server in seconds. 

heidisql preferences

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Download HeidiSQL 9.4

You can download the latest version of HeidiSQL 9.4 from this link. For more information, please visit HeidiSQL Official Website.


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