How to add and configure new disk on OpenMediaVault 3.0.80

We’ve just upgraded to the new OpenMediaVault 3.0.80. Its a great NAS system available for free. Now we will guide you how to add new disk and configure it on OpenMediaVault 3.0.80. First of all, make sure you have attached the new disk or virtual disk to OMV server. From there we can start configure it.

Steps to configure new hard disk on OpenMediaVault 3.0.80

Step 1. Log in to OMV web administration

Step 2. Confirm Physical Disks

Go to Storage | Physical Disks and confirm the new disk is listed.

new disk omv.png

As you can see, our new disk is recognized as /dev/vdb with 10 GB in size.

Step 3. Create new filesystem

Now we need to create a filesystem onto the new hard disk before we can use it. Go to Storage | Filesystem | Create

create filesystem omv.png

On this example, I create XFS filesystem to /dev/vdb disk. You may choose another filesystem as you need. It supports EXT3, EXT4, BRTFS and JFS filesystems. Please note that this step will wipe your hard disk.

create zfs filesystem.gif

Step 4. Mount the new disk

Now we can mount our new disk. Click the new disk/partition and then click Mount. Press Apply to confirm this change. At this point, our new hard disk is well configured and ready for future use. For example we can use it to store Samba shared folder/data.


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