How to add new disk to NAS4Free server

This tutorial is going to show you how to add new disk to NAS4Free Server. Then you can use the disk to store your data. It’s recommended to separate between the system disk and data disk. When you save your data in a separate disk, any system failure will not affect your data. NAS4Free has a simple disk management system which allows us to add many disks to the server via web management console.

Steps to add new disk to NAS4Free

First of all, connect your new disk to NAS4Free server. Or, if you run NAS4Free in a virtual environment, you can add new virtual disks to it. Then, boot NAS4Free and open the web management console. Go to Disks and select Management.

nas4free disk management

To add new disk, press + button on the Disk Management page as above.

nas4free disk management 1

Select the disk from the list and give it a description for easier to recognize it by you. Since this is a new blank disk, select Unformatted on the Preformatted file system option. Press Add to add new disk.

nas4free disk management 2

You should now see your new disk is listed and then press Apply to proceed. Now you should see your new disk status as online.

nas4free disk management 3

At this point we are successfully added a new blank disk to NAS4Free. Next we need to format it. Go to Disk | Format to open the Format option for the new disk. To format, select disk to format and select file system from the list. In this example I format my disk as UFS and Soft updates. You can choose other file system as you need.

nas4free disk management 7

The format process will begin and make sure there are no errors on the format log.

nas4free disk management 5At this point the disk is formatted and we still need to mount it to a specific location such as Backup. Go to Disks | Mount

nas4free disk management 8

Select the new disk to mount, and type the mount location for the disk. Press Add to complete this step. Finally, your new disk is formatted and now mounted. You can see the new disk is now listed

nas4free disk management 9

Now you can start using the new disk for file storage. Thanks for reading this tutorial and see you on the next NAS4Free tutorials. Cheers.


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