How to add new disk to OpenMediaVault 1.0

OpenMediaVault is a perfect distribution to build a powerful file server. This tutorial will show you how to add new disk to OpenMediaVault 1.0. I will try to keep posting about OpenMediaVault tutorial on the next few posts. On a default installation, OpenMediaVault will uses the entired disk for the system. So we need another disk(s) connected to the server to store the user’s data.

To add a new disk, please follow these steps

A. Connect your disk to the server

This mean you will need to add more disks to the server by connecting it via the disk connector (SATA or PATA or any other connection you may have on the server). Or, if you are running OMV server on a Virtualbox, you will need to add new virtual disk to the OpenMediaVault.

B. Check the disk

Now we need to make sure if the new disk is listed and recognized by OpenMediaVault server. Login to the web administration page and go to Storage | Physical disk

add new disk ovmC. Create new filesystem

Before we can use the new disk for data storage, we need to create a filesystem to the disk. Go to Storage | Filesystem.


add new disk ovm 2Now press Create button.

add new disk ovm 3Select your new disk on the Device section, type the label for the new disk and choose the file system from the list. Press OK when done.Now select the new disk and press Mount to mount the disk to the system.

Now, the new disk is ready for use.

add new disk ovm 4


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  1. Help…My internal HDDs are recognized in the Storage/Physical section but not in the File Systems section.

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