How to add second hard disk to ClearOS 7.1 Server

ClearOS is a powerful, easy to use Server appliance based on CentOS Linux. The web based administration tool is a legend. On this tutorial I will show you how to add second hard disk to be used on Flexshare. Its pretty easy to add second hard disk to ClearOS so we can store our data on this new disk instead of the default location, which is inside /var/flexshare/shares directory.

clearos second drive.png

First, go to /etc/clearos directory. You can use your favorite ssh tool such as Putty (Windows) to connect to ClearOS Server. Then edit the file flexshare.conf under that directory.  I use nano to edit it.

nano /etc/clearos/flexshare.conf

Find the line that shows


Change it to


Where /mnt/disk2 is the mount point for your second hard drive. You can change this accordingly.


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