How to backup incremental data to Google Drive using Duplicati 2.0

I was looking for a software (free off course) that can perform an incremental backup to my Google Drive account. And thanks to Duplicati, a simple backup tool that really helpful to make it possible to backup our data to Google Drive (and many other backup destinations). The new version Duplicati 2.0 (still in development) now utilize web browser to manage the backups. The scheduled backup is very easy to set up and it can be run on daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly.

Duplicati 2.0 web administration

duplicati 2.0 interface

As you can see on above screenshot, Duplicati 2.0 web administration page is very simple. We can add new backup, Restore backup and change Duplicati settings from this page.

To create a new backup, first you will need to run Duplicati 2.0. Usually, Duplicati 2.0 downloadable file is in compressed file which needs to be extracted to some directory for example C;\Program Files or any folder you like. Then, run Duplicati TrayIcon to start Duplicati. Duplicati 2.0 does not come with installer file (yet).

duplicati 2.0 installer

Once you run, there will be Duplicati icon on your Windows system tray (supports Windows 10 as well). Right click on it and select Open to open the web admin.

Update: The new version of Duplicati is ready for testing. This version comes with a simpler installation wizard. You can open the web interface by right clicking the tray icon.

On the Duplicati web admin, click Add New Backup. It will open a new backup wizard.

add new backup duplicati 1

There are 4 steps in order to create a new backup. First, give a name to the new backup. Then, click Backup To, to select the backup destination. Here I will show you how to backup to Google Drive. So, select Google Drive from the list. Type the path on the server (it will be created if does not exist).

add new backup duplicati 2

Authorize Duplicati to Google Drive account by clicking AuthID.

duplicati google drive

Press OK to get back to the backup summary.

duplicati 2.0 tutorial 1

You may enter passphrase if you want to secure the backup with password. Press Next, select folders you want to include in the backup.

duplicati 2.0 tutorial 2

Then elect the backup schedule.

duplicati 2.0 tutorial 3

Final step is to configure some advanced settings. Leave it with its default value if you don’t know what to do.

duplicati 2.0 tutorial 4

Save your settings and Duplicati will run automatically based on your schedule. Or, you can also run it immediately anytime you want.


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