How to backup to remote MySQL using Navicat Premium

I am currently working on MySQL server project. This MySQL server handles our exploration database. Here I want to share how to backup local MySQL database to remote MySQL using Navicat Premium. Navicat Premium is very easy to use and its a must have application for MySQL database administrator. There are many features that we can use to backup, manage, edit MySQL database in GUI mode.

Since backup is an essential tasks, so I do backup regularly on daily basis. To backup MySQL database to other server, you can follow these steps.

The tools and software:

  • MySQL Server (local and remote)
  • Navicat Premium 11.1.7

First, open Navicat and make sure we have two MySQL Connections on Navicat. The first connection (local) acts as source database and the remote connection is used to store the database (destination database).

mysql backup 1.png

As you can see, I have two connections on my Navicat. Next, go to Tools | Data transfer. The data transfer configuration window will open up.

mysql backup 2.png

Specify the Source connection, database as well as the target connection and database. Then, select which tables or views that will be exported to the remote server.

You can save the configuration for future uses. Press Save and give a new name for it. Press Start to start the data transfer.


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