How to Build a Powerful MariaDB Server Using Docker

MariaDB is a powerful database server used by millions of users out there. There are several ways to install MariaDB. Today I am going to build a MariaDB Server using Docker on top of a Debian 9 host. Docker is a powerful and lightweight virtualization technology to run applications in a container. I have written many tutorials about docker in this blog

Steps to build a MariaDB Server using Docker

Step 1. Install Docker

You can read how to install Docker on various system such as: Debian, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, CentOS

Step 2. Start MariaDB Server Instance

Now, execute this command to start MariaDB instance on Docker. 

Where some-mariadb is the name of your mariadb instance, my-secret-pw is your password for MySQL root user and tag is the tag specifying MySQL version you want. 


At this point, our MariaDB instance should be running. You can start manage it and use it. 


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