How to Build a Powerful MariaDB Server Using Docker

MariaDB is a powerful database server used by millions of users out there. There are several ways to install MariaDB. Today I am going to build a MariaDB Server using Docker on top of a Debian 9 host. Docker is a powerful and lightweight virtualization technology to run applications in a container. I have written many tutorials about docker in this blog

Steps to build a MariaDB Server using Docker

Step 1. Install Docker

You can read how to install Docker on various system such as: Debian, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, CentOS

Step 2. Start MariaDB Server Instance

Now, execute this command to start MariaDB instance on Docker. 

docker run --name some-mariadb -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw -d mariadb:tag

Where some-mariadb is the name of your mariadb instance, my-secret-pw is your password for MySQL root user and tag is the tag specifying MySQL version you want. 


docker run --name mariadb-server -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=12345 -d mariadb:latest

At this point, our MariaDB instance should be running. You can start manage it and use it. 


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