How to clone Ubuntu 14.04 disk using Gdiskdump

There is an easier way to backup or clone the entire disk on Ubuntu 14.04 including installed applications and data inside the disk. The only tool we need is Gdiskdump. Gdiskdump is a graphical application which utilize the power of dd command. You may want to learn more about dd command here.

This tutorial is going to show you how to clone Ubuntu 14.04 disk using Gdiskdump. First, we need to install Gdiskdump on Ubuntu 14.04. Once installed, you can run Gdiskdump from application list. gdiskdump-2

On the first wizard, select Harddrive from the top right dropdown menu. You can select Partition if you want to clone selected partition only. The Harddrive option will clone the entire disk including boot sector.

Now select your disk which you want to clone and press Forward. This is must be the source disk you want to clone which contains Ubuntu 14.04 installation. Please be careful when selecting disk. If you are wrong to choose the disk as the source you may lost your data because it will be overwriting without confirmation.


Same as step 1, select Harddrive for the Output format. This is must be the second disk to store the cloned disk. The content of this second disk will be overwritten. Press Forward and the cloning then press OK to start the dumping process.


Now the dumping process will start


You still can use your computer while the backup is in progress. That’s why I love to backup my Ubuntu 14.04 using Gdiskdump.

Thank you for reading this tutorial on How to clone Ubuntu 14.04 disk using Gdiskdump


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  1. If the destination drive is larger, please include advice on using the rest of the space using gparted, please. Many thanks.

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