How to configure iSCSI Target server on Openfiler

Openfiler Tutorial – On my previous tutorial, I have shown how to configure a new hard disk under Openfiler. Also, on that tutorial you can find how to create a new volume group etc. This tutorial will show you how to configure iSCSI Target server on Openfiler. I am using Openfiler version 2.99. I am not going to explain the iSCSI Target itself. You may read the complete information about iSCSI Target from this Wikipedia.

Steps to Configure iSCSI Target Server on Openfiler

Step 1. Create a new Volume

Please refers to my previous tutorial in order to create new Volume Group. To create or add a new Volume, we must have a Volume Group first. To Add Volume, click Add Volume inside Volume section on Openfiler web interface.

add new volume openfiler 1.png

Enter the volume name, description and allocate space to the new volume. The last but very important is the Filesystem/Volume type. Make sure you select block (iSCSI, FC) on the Filesystem type. See my example below.

add new volume openfiler 2.png

Click Create to confirm.

Step 2. Create new Network Access Configuration

We need to create a new rule for the network to access our Openfiler services. Go to System and scroll down to Network Access Configuration. See the example below which allow all host and network in

create network access configuration 1.png

Step 3. Enable iSCSI Target Service

Now we need to enable the iSCSI target Service. Go to Service tab and enable iSCSI Target from there.

enable iscsi service.png

Step 4. Configure the iSCSI Target

Go to Volume and click iSCSI Target to open the iSCSI Target configuration page. Here we will add new Target iqn, LUN Mapping and CHAP Authentication. First, lets create new Target IQN.

First, Add new iSCSI Target. The IQN name will be filled automatically but we can freely modify it. Please refers to the IQN name convention before you change anything here.

add new iscsi target 1.png

Now switch to LUN Mapping to map the LUN to our new iSCSI Target

add new iscsi target 2.png

On the example I have two LUNs. Click Map to assing the LUN to the new iSCSI Target.

add new iscsi target 3.png

So now, the new iSCSI Target has a LUN assigned to it. Now open Network ACL to set the network access to the new target.

add new iscsi target 4.png

Change to Allow for the network you want to give access. Next we need to configure CHAP Authentication. Create both incoming and outgoing user and password.

chap auth openfiler.png

At this point, our iSCSI Target server is ready. You can now start using it on the network. Please check my other post to connect to iSCSI Target server from a Linux host below:

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