How to configure LDAP Server on Openfiler

Openfiler Tutorial – Hello, Openfiler is very interesting SAN/NAS Appliance to play with. It has many features we need for a network server. Today I am going to show you how to configure LDAP on Openfiler. If you don’t have any idea what LDAP is, what is LDAP used for, you may want to check this article first. LDAP will handle the user and group administration on Openfiler. If LDAP is not well configured, you won’t be able to create new group or add new user to Openfiler server. So, this step is very important if you are managing Openfiler on your network.

Steps to configure LDAP Server on Openfiler

Step 1. Clear and Rebuild LDAP Server

Before we create a local LDAP Server, it is important to clear it first. To do this, click LDAP Setup link from the Service tab. Scroll down until you see Clear LDAP and Rebuild LDAP as follow.

clear ldap openfiler.png

First Clear LDAP and then Rebuild LDAP. This will ensure we have a clean LDAP settings before we modify it.

Step 2. Configure LDAP Server

Go to Accounts and click Authentication to start configure the LDAP Server. Enter the following credentials and modify it.

  • Use Local LDAP Server : Checked
  • Server:
  • Base DN : dc=openfiler,dc=lan
  • Root bind DN : cn=Manager,dc=openfiler,dc=lan
  • Root bind password : your password here
  • Login SMB server to root DN : Checked
  • Allow user to change password: Checked

LDAP Settings openfiler

Now click Submit to confirm.

Step 3. Check LDAP Service

We need to make sure that LDAP Service is up and running. Go to Service and make sure LDAP Container service is running.

ldap service

That’s it. Now we can add new group and also add new users to Openfiler. Go to Accounts | Administration.

user administration on openfiler.png

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  1. Hello,
    I created local user and openfiler is added local user but does not want windows crendention .?
    Can you help me.
    have a nice day

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