How to configure network interface on OpenMediaVault 3.0

OpenMediavault is a powerful Linux distribution for server. On this tutorial, I will show you how to configure the network interface on OpenMediaVault version 3.0. Network interface is an essential parts of a server. Misconfigure the network setting will make yourself in trouble.

To configure the network interface on OpenMediaVault please follow these steps.

Login to OpenMediaVault web administration. 

You have to login to the OpenMediaVault web administration to complete the network settings. Simply type the IP address of the OpenMediaVault on a web browser from the other computer. The OpenMediaVault IP address usually displayed on the console as follow.


Once you log in, go to Network section


Next go to Interface tab and you should see the network interfaces are listed there. Double click the network interface you want to configure. For example, I only have one interface called eth0.

You can change the IP address from DHCP to Static vice versa.


Save the configuration and you are done.


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