How to configure NFS Storage Server on Centos 7

CentOS 7 Tutorial–Hello everyone, currently I am playing a lot with my CentOS 7 server. I have several CentOS 7 server installed locally on our Proxmox VE server and also I have a CentOS 7 running on DigitalOcean. Today, I will continue to give a short tutorial how to┬áturn CentOS 7 into a powerful storage server via NFS (Network File System). For more information about NFS Server, you may want to have a look at this Wiki page.

Steps to configure NFS Server on CentOS 7

Step 1. Install nfs-utils

Step 2. Configure idmapd.conf

Next we need to configure some stuffs in order to get the NFS Server up and running.

Uncomment and change the domain name with your own. For example in my case:

Domain = gamblisfx.local

Step 3. Configure exports

In this example I want to use /mnt/nfs01 to be exported as NFS volume. So, we add the following line to the exports.


Step 4. Enable service and configure firewall

Now we can start the service

Allow NFS service

Done. Thank you for coming and share this article if you found its useful. You may want to check out some other CentOS Storage tutorial below:


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