How to connect and manage ClearOS server from Windows using Putty via SSH protocol

In this ClearOS tutorial. I am going to show you how to connect to remote ClearOS server from a Windows machine using Putty via SSH protocol. In Linux, we can easily connect to other Linux user using Terminal console and use the ssh command. But in Windows, we need third party application to connect to a Linux machine via SSH. Putty has this feature and its free. You can download the latest version of Putty here.

To connect to ClearOS server using Putty, you can follow these steps

A. Make sure the SSH service is enabled on the ClearOS server

Type this command on the ClearOS Terminal console

service sshd status

sshd status

B. Open Putty on Windows machine

putty 1

Type the host name or IP address of the ClearOS server. Make sure the port is 22 (SSH default port). On the Connection type, select SSH. Optionally you can save the session for future uses. Press Open when ready and you will be asked to enter ClearOS server user and password.

Now you have a Putty Terminal window which you can use to perform various administrative tasks like you were in front of the ClearOS server.

putty clearos



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