How to connect to iSCSI disk on Fedora 26 using GUI

On this tutorial I am going to show you how to connect to an existing iSCSI disk from a Fedora 26 server. Before we going through maybe you want to take a look at the iSCSI on wiki. The idea behind this tutorial is that we will connect to remote iSCSI disk via Cockpit on Fedora 26 server. The new version of Cockpit on Fedora 26 lets us to connect and manage iSCSI disk easily.

System configuration I use on this tutorial:

  • Fedora 26 server as iSCSI initiator (IP address:
  • FreeNAS 10 server as iSCSI target (IP address:

On this tutorial, I am not going to show you how to create or set up iSCSI target server. FreeNAS 10 offers an easy way to create iSCSI target server.

Steps to connect to iSCSI target on Fedora 26

Log in to Cockpit via web browser and go to storage page. See the example below

connect to iscsi disk on fedora 26.png

As you can see, there is iSCSI Target section on the right side. To add a new iSCSI portal, click the + sign. Enter the server address, user name and password. In my case, I use root as the user to connect to the iSCSI target server (portal).

connect to iscsi disk on fedora 26 2.png

Press Next and now you should see available iSCSI disk on the remote server

connect to iscsi disk on fedora 26 3.png

Click Add to complete the wizard. Now you should see a new storage/disk is listed under Storage window on Cockpit.

connect to iscsi disk on fedora 26 4.png

Now we can use this iSCSI disk to store our data. We can create new partition on it, format etc. Click on the new device/disk and you will see the partition menu.

iscsi partition on fedora 26.png


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