How to connect to PPTP VPN Server from Ubuntu 17.10

In this case, I have a server running Windows Server 2016 with Remote Access feature enabled. While I am away from my office I want to connect to my office network via VPN. I am running Ubuntu 17.10 and I need to setup my Ubuntu 17.10 for PPTP VPN access. I am not sure if you have the same situation here but I just want to show you how to connect to PPTP VPN Server from Ubuntu 17.10.

By default, Ubuntu supports PPTP VPN connection. We only need to configure it. First, open Network Manager on Ubuntu. Go to Settings and then click Network.

network settings ubuntu.png

As you can see there is VPN section on Ubuntu Network Manager. Click + button to add new connection. Select Point to Point Protocol (PPTP).

add pptp vpn

Type the name of the VPN Connection. Then, enter the gateway IP address. This is the IP address of my Windows server which has PPTP VPN feature enabled. You will also need to type the user name and password.

Click Advanced and then uncheck PAP from the authentication methods list.

pptp advanced settings.png

Click OK and you are done. Now you can start connecting to your VPN Server.


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