How to connect to PPTP VPN Server on Solus OS 2017

This tutorial will show you how to connect to remote VPN Server using PPTP on Solus OS 2017. By default, the PPTP is not enabled on Solus OS 2017. We need to install some packages to enable this feature. On this tutorial, I will connect my Solus OS 2017 to a remote VPN Server installed on Windows Server 2012 via PPTP. Its very easy to configure.

Step 1. Install pptp-network manager

First you will need to install pptp network manager package on Solus. Simply open Software Manager and type pptp. Find the following package and install it.

Step 2. Create PPTP Connection

Open Network Connection and press + button and then click PPTP

Now you need to enter your VPN Server Ip address and username

Click Advanced and make sure to only enable the following authentication mode

  • MSCHAP v2

Enable Point to Point encryption (MPPE)

Click OK and then save it. Now you should be able to connect to remote PPTP VPN Server from Solus OS 2017. Thank you


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