How to create a Primary Domain Controller on Nethserver 6.6

As a server, Nethserver has almost anything you need to build a powerful server for your home or business. On this Nethserver tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) on Nethserver 6.6. Its pretty easy to build a PDC on Nethserver. With this PDC you will have a server that handles all the users login, shared folders and many more. All information about Nethserver already available on the official Nethserver Documentation. You may download and read it first.

Steps to create PDC on Nethserver 6.6

In order to create a Primary Domain Controller, you will need to enable File Server module or software on Nethserver 6.6. Please follow this steps if you want to enable this service. Once file server is up and running on Nethserver, go to Windows Network section.

primary domain controller on nethserver

To create a new Primary Domain Controller, select Primary Domain Controller and type your Domain name. You may also enable the roaming profiles if you want.

Since Windows 7 and Windows 8 needs a registry modification in order to join Samba Domain Controller, we need to modify registry settings on Windows 7 or Windows 8. But dont worry, Nethserver already provided the registry file you can install on your Windows client. Its a useful one. Many thanks to Nethserver team to include this. Click client registry settings to download the registry file. Double click the registry file on your Windows machine before attempting to join the domain. When ready, press Submit. In few moments, your Primary Domain Controller is ready.

Change the Samba administrator password

In order to join a Windows computer to the new PDC, we need administrator account. Go to Users and edit the Admin account. You will need to change the password for this admin user.

change admin password

Create new domain user

Next, we need to add or create a new domain user. Go to Users section and press Create New. Enter the new user credentials including password to log in to computer connected to the domain controller.

Create new group

We need to create a group that contains users on the domain.

create group on nethserver

Add new Shared Folder

To create a new shared folder, go to Shared Folder under Management section.

create new shared folder on nethserverDone. Now you can login to Windows computer and join your computers to this new Primary Domain Controller. Use admin user to join to this domain controller

join domain


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