How to create a virtual FTP Server on Windows 10 using Xlight FTP Server

FTP Server is an old file transfer method that still being used today by many people or organizations. This tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a virtual FTP Server on Windows 10. The software I use is Xlight FTP Server version Xlight FTP Server is a small, lightweight FTP Server for Windows. It supports Windows 7, Windows 10 and also Windows Server editions.

Xlight FTP Server is a simple application that can turn your Windows computer into a powerful FTP Server. It has many options we can set including the SSL certificate manager, ODBC database support, Remote server management support and many more. Please note that this review/tutorial is not endorsed by the publisher.

xlight ftp server full version.png

Xlight FTP Server comes with a simple user interface. Once installed, the first thing to do is create a new virtual server. Click on the + button to start create a new virtual server.

new virtual server.png

Enter the IP address (simply select from the list). You may choose the static or dynamic IP address. Don’t forget to specify the port. The default is port 21. Press OK to confirm. Now start the server using start button provided.

Once online, we need to create a new FTP user (and group as well of you need). We can specify the home directory of the new user as well.

create new user xlight ftp server.png

Now, we can connect to our new FTP Server from other computer or devices using FTP client for example Filezilla or AndFTP (for Android).

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