How to create Droplet snapshot on DigitalOcean Cloud

I have a Droplet (virtual machine) on DigitalOcean Cloud system. I use this Droplet for various purposes such as Owncloud server, OpenVPN server and Samba file server. Its a fun, fast and affordable to have DigitalOcean cloud machine with me. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a Droplet snapshot which can be used for future purposes. For example, if we delete or destroy the droplet, we can easily create a new Droplet from the snapshot within less than a minute.

To create a snapshot of a system, the Droplet must be in Power Off state. We cannot perform snapshot if the Droplet is still running or powered on. So, make sure to shut down the machine first and then Power it Off. Next, click Image tab to see the snapshot options.

Steps to create snapshot:

  1. Power off the Droplet
  2. Open Image tab
  3. Select which Droplet for snapshot
  4. Give snapshot a name
  5. Create snapshot


create snapshot 1

In a moment, the snapshot creation process will started. Wait until it completed and you should have a new snapshot of your system within a minute. Enjoy

create snapshot 3



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