How to create Fedora 23 Live USB from Windows

If you want to test or install Fedora 23 Workstation on your PC, you can use your USB flash disk to create a bootable USB disk containing Fedora 23 Workstation. There are several ways to create Fedora Live USB. This tutorial will show you how to create Fedora 23 Live USB from a Windows machine.

First, download and install LiveUSB Creator application for Windows.

live usb creator

Run the application as Administrator. On the Live USB Creator window, click browse to select the Fedora 23 ISO file you already downloaded. Or, you can simply  select Fedora version on the right side to download Fedora from the internet. Select the target device (your USB drive).

Set the persistent storage if you want to enable the persistent mode. Click Create Live USB to start. Once finished, reboot your computer and boot from USB flash disk containing Fedora 23. Enjoy Fedora 23 from your USB disk.



  1. Have you had luck with persistence?
    I’m using this tool to get F23 on a live USB with persistence to no avail. F23 installs and boots fine, but persistence doesn’t stick.
    – I set persistence to 1000MB on a 4GB stick
    – I’ve tried multiple 4GB sticks

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