How to create Mapinfo_MapCatalog on MS Access via MapInfo Professional

Its been a while not writing post about Mapinfo tutorial. The most recent version of Mapinfo Professional 2015 was released with tons of improvements. I still uses the old version of Mapinfo because I still can’t find the cracked version of Mapinfo Professional 2015 yet. Uppss… :) Here I don’t want to talk about download Mapinfo 2015 crack or full version. I just want to share a simple tutorial how to create Mapinfo_Mapcatalog table on MS Access directly from Mapinfo Professional.

Why do we need Mapinfo_Mapcatalog table? A good explanation why we need this table is explained very well here. Shortly, if you want to open the remote MS Access Database from Mapinfo via DBMS connection, you will need this table. But don’t worry, the following trick will help you to create the MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG from Mapinfo Pro window.

Mapinfo_Mapcatalog table structure

mapinfo mapcatalog structure

To create this table in easy way, first open MapInfo Professional and go to Tools | Tools Manager. Find DBMS Catalog from the tool list. Load it and press OK. You can also make it Autoloaded if you want.

enable dbms catalog

Once this tool is enabled, now open Tools | DBMS Catalog | DBMS Catalog

create new dbms catalog

Press New Connection to open the Data Sourcec. Please make sure you have setup Data Source (MS Access on this case) on your computer before attempting to do this.

connect data source

Once you connected to the data source, click Create Catalog to start creating the table MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG on the remote database via Data Source. Done.


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