How to create MySQL user in easy way using MySQL Workbench

MySQL user management mostly done by database administrator and usually done via command line. But did you know that there is another way to do this task via GUI. On this tutorial I am going to show you how to add new MySQL/MariaDb using MySQL Workbench. MySQL Workbench is a powerful tool to manage MySQL server. We can easily connect and manage our server that installed locally or on a remote server.

Task that will be discussed on this tutorial:

  1. Install MySQL Workbench
  2. Add new MySQL user

Step 1. Install MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is available on most today Operating System including Windows and Linux as well. You can download the latest version of MySQL Workbench for Windows or Install it on Linux system such as Manjaro/Arch Linux.

Step 2. Add new MySQL user

After MySQL Workbench is installed, connect to our MySQL Server from the main menu

Once we connected to our MySQL server (local or remote), go to Server | User and Privileges

Click Add Account and enter the new login details including password and host. If you wan to enable login from anywhere to the new account, make sure you type % on the Limit to Host Matching section. Press Apply and you are set.

Additionally, we can easily set the new user roles and schema privileges. Go to Administrative Roles tab and you will see many roles you may choose for the new user. Or, you can manually assign privileges to the new user.


For more detailed information about MySQL Workbench, you may check the following article below:



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