How to create new user on OpenMediaVault server

OpenMediaVault is a powerful server appliance which can be used to turn your old computer into a powerful file server. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a new user to OpenMediaVault server. This user will have access to the server for example as Samba users. To create a new user to OpenMediaVault server is very easy. You can set how this new user can access the server.

Steps to add new user on OpenMediaVault server

First, log in to OpenMediaVaule web interface. Then go to Access Right Management | User section on the left panel. On the User tab, click Add button and type the new user credentials as follow.

add new user openmediavault

Press Save when finished. If you want to enable the home directory for this new user, click on Settings and enable the option on user home directory. Press Save to save your configuration. Now, you have a new user to access the server.


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