How to create new volume on FreeNAS 9.10

FreeNAS is a powerful operating system for server. It provides a powerful ZFS file system with many benefits for backup, snapshot, extend and expanding storage. This tutorial will show you how to create a new volume on FreeNAS version 9.10. ZFS was explained clearly on this link.

On this tutorial, I want to add 2 extra hard drives to my existing FreeNAS system. The disks must be recognized by FreeNAS before attempting to add the new volume to the system. Click on Storage | View Disks to see attached disks.

view disk freenas.png

On the picture above, I have 2 disks 10 and 21 GB each. Now we can start to create new volume. Go to Storage | Volume Manager.

add new volume.png

Give a unique name to the volume. I use vg01 for my volume name and I only add my 21.5 GB disks to this new volume. The other disk will be used to extend the vg01 later. Click Add Volume button to start.

When done, you should see the new volume is created

freenas volume create.png

Please note that this is a stripe volume. You may want to read another volume options in details here.


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