How to create Pinguy OS 14.04 Live USB from Ubuntu machine

This tutorial will guide you to create Pinguy OS 14.04 Live USB from an Ubuntu machine. After creating a Live USB, you can easily install Pinguy OS 14.04 from the USB disk. All you need here is an Ubuntu machine (I recommend to use the latest Ubuntu 14.04), Pinguy OS 14.04 ISO file and a 4 GB USB flash disk. If you are new to Pinguy OS, you can view my previous post about Pinguy OS 14.04 Screenshots Tour.

To create Pinguy OS 14.04 Live USB from Ubuntu, simply click Ubuntu Dash and type Startup Disk Creator.

pinguy os live usb 1

Click Startup Disk Creator icon

pinguy os live usb

On the Startup Disk Creator window, specify the source image (ISO) of the Pinguy OS 14.04. Then make sure your USB flash disk is listed on the section “Disk to use”. You can also specify the persistent mode where you can save files and settings on the LiveUSB. Drag the slide to adjust the amount of the disk will be used for persistent mode.

When ready press Make Startup Disk.




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