How to create RoboLinux 7.5.2 LiveUSB

RoboLinux is a Debian based Linux which comes with a complete set of applications and codecs. You will find may applications installed by default. The latest version of RoboLinux 7.5.2 is now available. If you want to test this RoboLinux, you can either install it as a Virtual machine on VirtualBox or simply create a LiveUSB which you can boot your computer with it. On this tutorial I am going to show you how to install or create RoboLinux 7.5.2 LiveUSB.

Before you continue, make sure you have the following items on hands:

  • A 4 GB or bigger USB Flash disk
  • RoboLinux 7.5.2 ISO
  • Windows¬†or Linux machine with Unetbootin installed on it. You can download and install Unetbootin from this link. Make sure you have the latest one.

Next, open Unetbootin

robolinux liveusb

Now, select USB Drive from the Type and make sure you select the correct Drive for the USB disk. Then, click DiskImage and browse to the RoboLinux 7.5.2 ISO.

Press OK when done and wait until the installation process is complete. Once finished, boot your computer or laptop with the LiveUSB. Make sure you change the boot order to USB drive as the first boot.


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