How to create Sabayon 15.08 Live USB from Windows

There are various way to create a Linux Live USB. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create Sabayon Live USB from a Windows machine. I use Sabayon 15.08 on this tutorial. In order to create Sabayon Live USB from a Windows machine, you will need the following items.

Now, install Win32 Disk Imager software on Windows. Once finished, open it. Before you run it, insert a USB Flash disk to your computer USB port. Make sure there is no data in it because Win32 Disk Imager will destroy your data.

sabayon live usb

Select the USB flash disk from the Device list. Click Browse button to navigate to the Sabayon ISO file.

sabayon live usb 1

On the browse window, you have to change the file type. Change it to *.* to display all files. Otherwise your ISO file will not appear here. Press Open and finally click Write to start copying the ISO to USB flash disk.

Now boot your computer using the USB flash disk and enjoy Sabayon 15.08 from your USB flash disk. Cheers.


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